5 Things to Consider About HVAC Business Management Software

HVAC business management software needs to be equipped to handle many types of tasks.  Software programs that aide HVAC businesses in navigating through their challenges and streamlining their day to day operations must have specific features that are helpful to overcoming the unique challenges presented by the HVAC industry.

Software for HVAC companies needs to be capable of tracking employees, inventory, and other day to day tasks that make the business function efficiently.  HVAC business management software should work with the way a business already runs while streamlining the processes they’ve always used to save time and money.  Many features work together to accomplish the tasks of helping manage a business but several more comprehensive features are needed in the top HVAC business management software programs.

HVAC Business Management Software

5 things to know about HVAC Business Management Software

Many features make it easier to manage an HVAC business.  Managers are able to provide oversight in all areas of the business by just logging on.  Customers and team members are updated in real time on schedule changes and managers are kept in the loop on what is accomplished and what is delayed with an effective HVAC business management software.

Most standard business management software programs will have basic features that can help improve the way a company operates but not all are equipped to meet the needs of the HVAC industry. Software programs that work best for HVAC companies are capable of these 5 things:

Accessibility from anywhere

HVAC companies are largely comprised of field staff and installation technicians.  They need to be able to access customer information, reporting features and product information from anywhere.  This makes an HVAC business management software that is cloud based an ideal solution.  Team members can log on from anywhere with an internet connection and that proves to be vital in the HVAC industry.

Function as a HVAC scheduling software

Scheduling is a big pain point for many HVAC companies.  Their scheduling system isn’t connected to customer information or inventory.  This often means that drive times are off and appointments get delayed.  Without a program that functions like an HVAC scheduling software, mistakes are often made that cost the company money.

Tracking where HVAC technicians are

Many managers have trouble holding technicians and field staff accountable.  An HVAC business management software that is equipped with GPS tracking is a simple solution to a long time issue.  The location of their device and their work vehicle can be monitored by any manager that is given access.  This helps managers know which employees spend how long on which types of calls.  Knowing this information improves how the business schedules and trains employees.

Updates customers and informs them about their technician

A HVAC business management software should keep customers up to date by sending out automated updates.  These updates can include estimated arrival times and information about the technician the customer should expect to see at their door.  These kinds of automated touches save time and improve the customer experience.  Software for HVAC companies that are equipped this feature will give them a competitive edge.

Inventory tracking across multiple sites

HVAC businesses often lose money in unused material and supplies sitting on the warehouse shelf that is outdated and no longer in demand.  With multiple work trucks carrying supplies, HVAC companies need more than just a list of how many products they have.  Consistent monitoring of inventory across multiple locations is the ideal way for HVAC businesses to understand what material they have and where it is located.

HVAC business management software should come with a free trial

Software that is designed to help HVAC companies increase their profits should offer a free trial.  HVAC business management software should function in a way that makes sense for office staff, technicians and managers.  Owners should choose a company that offers a free trial and make sure to set up the software just like they would if they had purchased it.  When a business uses a product before it’s purchased, there is a better chance their purchase will be worth the investment.  To learn more about a software that can help HVAC businesses see more profit, click here to schedule a demo or start a free trial.


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