Have complete control of the look and feel of your dashboard.

Organize your widgets to your preferred display and keep your home page in any specific order desired. Whether streamlined or extremely detailed, your dashboard will provide the gateway to all major functions of CRM Runner.

How can CRM Runner’s Dashboard help in managing your business?
  • Set the timeline to a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly display, keeping track of all activity within those timeframes. The widget control allows a user to choose which widgets are on display on the home page, including the calendar, revenues, maps, etc.
  • Streamlined navigation menus that display several short cuts for easy access to different features.
  • View the number of active tasks, completed tasks, active leads, customers, revenue, and the number of completed invoices and total invoices overall.
  • Video tutorial icon to access all tutorials explaining the different features and functions of CRM Runner for simple understanding.
  • Immediately view your calendar and to-do list to stay on top of your schedule and meet all deadlines.