Easy to use and, flexible and versatile dashboard

The CRM Runner's customizable dashboard is the home of your new CRM. From here you can see a quick synopsis of your upcoming sales pipeline, check your calendar for upcoming appointments/events, and many other activities. You can remove as well as additional information as you want, so you can see tables, graphs, and analysis or keep it simple and just show your diary for the next week with a single click. Everything is remembered and organized in the order you want it to be, so your notes/reports are viewed as you want them the next time you log in.

How CRM Runner can help you manage your work effectively with a proper dashboard?
  • The customized dashboard will allow you to get a complete overview and correctly analyze your day to day operations for smooth functioning and monitoring your business.
  • You can track and monitor different segments of business operations.
  • The daily income and expenses can be tracked using this feature.
  • Field jobs can be easily managed on a real-time basis with the user-friendly dashboard.
  • Control any changes in inventory and remain updated on a real-time basis for any changes in schedule, payment or other functioning..
  • The technicians /team members deputed on the field can be easily tracked and managed with the help of CRM Runner.
  • CRM Runner dashboard keeps tabs on whether you are maintaining focus on the target areas.
  • With the help of GPS tracking, you can easily keep track of revenue and expenditure and opens up communication channels amongst team members.
  • Our dashboards leave no doubts about where and how things are going currently and how you can boost them by providing almost immediate insight into business activities.
  • Equip each team member with complete access to the valuable data wherever they go.
  • The intelligent and innovative dashboard is loaded with highly useful facilities that allow you to monitor the business operations resulting in boosting up the efficiency.

Technical Details :