Lead Assignments

Keep your pipeline buzzing with new prospects!

CRM Runner allows you to see comprehensive company reports and contact information, complete sales activities and view communication records in one place so you can handle leads without any trouble.

How can CRM Runner help you manage your leads?
  • Lists details on all active leads
  • Client name, company name, address, and contact information can be listed
  • Indicates status of lead as well as the timeline of how long the lead has been active via color symbols
  • List notes and schedules specific to each lead
  • Assign specific employees to follow up on active leads immediately
  • Track sales activity across your whole team.
  • Getting detailed reports on sales funnel status by using filters has never been so easy.
  • Easily schedule calls for potential leads.
  • Form-to-lead features allows for automatic, immediate lead conversion to any potential customer that fills out a specific form on your website