CRM Runner will never let you run out of stock again!!

Manage accurate stock levels at different locations, schedule timely procurement, store frequent stock transactions, efficiently adapt and analyze stock movement patterns with our intuitive and inventory feature. You can also manage threshold quantity of stock and maintain product quality with CRM Runner.

How CRM Runner can help you manage your Inventory?
  • You can customize different tabs to categorize the inventory at your convenience.
  • Enables you to set up an auto alert to remind you to reorder products when a certain threshold has been reached.
  • Keep a track on the inventory, non-inventory and service items.
  • Accept returns, refunds and facilitate exchanges with the help of RMA.
  • Customize the columns to alter the look with the easy drag and drop feature.
  • Any time the items are sent out to your warehouse from the suppliers, the system will automatically update the inventory stock.
  • CRM Runner captures and verifies all information about products and services, including serial numbers, pictures, descriptions, prices, stock numbers and more.
  • Quickly create quotes, invoices, purchase and sales orders.
  • You can attach information regarding the inventory with tasks to inform the team members about the same.
  • You can search for a product by its name or description on the search bar.
  • Scan the bar codes on the items with the help of the mobile app or web interface.
  • You can easily edit inventory to reflect accurate stock.
  • Keep a track of the products with the help of SKU and Serial Numbers.
  • The inventory can be imported from a spreadsheet.
  • Measure the progress of your business and your employees through advanced one-click reports.
  • Review and set warranty on products or items.

CRM Runner gives you the power you need to get a better understanding of your small business inventory control. From powerful and robust reporting and analytics for a complete executive overview, showing you how to better streamline your inventory, to automatic updates keeping everyone 'in the loop, CRM Runner’s Inventory Feature is there for you every step of the way.

Technical Details :