Receive and manage payments in a smarter way

All businesses need a smart and efficient way to collect and dispense payments on a daily basis. Otherwise you may end your day spending on transactional and invoicing details. CRM Runner presents a better way to pay and get paid on a daily basis. Now you can start streamlining the multiple payment collections and business operations through CRM Runner.

How CRM Runner can help you manage your leads?
  • After an invoice is generated by sale , the database maintains open invoices.
  • Making a payment can be done by just a click, whether it is ACH , Credit or Debit card or online payment such as PayPal or zelle directly from the invoice.
  • Payment can be easily credited through the database either web based or mobile application , making payment collection possible out in the field.
  • Now you will have the option to automate follow up regarding unpaid invoices by texting messages or email.
  • Collection of open invoices can be assigned to team members.
  • You can keep a track and understand the financial standing of the organization by collecting reports and watching real time transactions on real time.
  • On a cloud account, store and access the intricate details of past customer payments.
  • Expenses and fees can be automatically calculated and the invoices can be sent directly to the customer after employees or contractors build projects & tasks.
  • Inventory automatically gets updated once payments are processed on inventory items.
  • Option for refund or credits for clients in the office or on the road is also available in the database.
  • Finance & payment software aligned in the database helps in making accurate accounting records.
  • Correspondence between business and customers with open invoices can be automated.
  • You can now easily print the template invoices by one click and also scheduled to send via email in a timely manner.