Receive and manage payments in a smarter way

All businesses need a smart and efficient way to collect and dispense payments on a daily basis. Otherwise, you may end your day spending on transactional and invoicing details. CRM Runner presents a better way to pay and get paid on a daily basis. Now you can start streamlining the multiple payment collections and business operations through CRM Runner. Our payment gateway allows you to integrate different online payment systems, such as PayPal, as well as directly to your bank account, making all transactions within the platform seamless and easy.

How CRM Runner can help you manage your leads?
  • Schedule payments for customers
  • Booking for online payments
  • Options to add tips and include convenience fees
  • Sales automation via recurring automated SMS/Email reminders
  • SMS/email automated survey upon payment
  • ACH transfer feature allows direct deposits to bank accounts, for employee payment and customer/vendor transactions
  • Keep track of your company’s financial records and account for any discrepancies via bank reconciliation