User Support

CRM Runner offers administrators & members with support options so that if they face any problem, they can raise a ticket and soon our representatives will contact them and solve the problem. Our support page also features all aspects of the platform in easy-to-read visual tutorials for quick operational learning. You can also chat & call us if more help is needed.

How CRM Runner can help you with the user support?
  • CRM RUNNER offers administrators online as well as email support.
  • Administrators may open tickets for problems they face, and a representative will help troubleshoot the problem.
  • The team offers onboarding support for administrators and new users.
  • The application provides a "virtual tour" of most modules and widgets to familiarize new users with the tools in the platform.
  • How to videos exist in each feature to better understand the functionality.
  • The support ticket is accessible from the account menu.
  • Setting permissions for user groups allows the software to be more user-friendly and less overwhelming to those who will only utilize certain components.
  • Desktop and mobile versions of the program are also available.
  • The Support page allows the user to learn any aspect of the system with the click of a button.