Clock In and Out

Always maintain an accurate payroll!

Keeping track of an employee’s work performance and timeclock has never been this simple and easy. CRM Runner’s unique clock in/out system will make sure work hours are never wasted ever again.

How can CRM Runner’s clock in/out feature help your business?
  • Lists all employees and their clock in/out times for each specific workweek.
  • Displays total hours worked and payroll amount
  • Filter searches by team member name to see individual hours and payrate.
  • Easily clock in and out with bar icon
  • Allows employers to view screenshot activity of all employees clocked into the system
  • Features a time limit function that will automatically clock out and reset an employee’s timeclock after one hour of inactivity.
  • Modify an employee’s time clock manually by adding or subtracting time in case an employee forgets to properly clock in or out