Increase reach rates with built-in SMS

SMS is one of the most engaging and immediate means of communication accessible to marketers today. And SMS messages are most effective when personalized using data. ost successful. And the best part is that SMS reaches everyone, even those without smartphones. You can strengthen your customer communication process and thus building a healthy relationship. In today's business market, people are becoming increasingly busy and difficult to reach.

How CRM Runner can help you with the SMS feature?
  • Now you can segregate customers on various parameters and create group lists of similar customers.
  • Text messages can be typed directly in the application and can be sent to multiple recipients at one go.
  • Various SMS packages are integrated into CRM RUNNER and can be used as per requirement.
  • Quickly read and respond to incoming SMS messages without leaving your Close Inbox Intimate customer and keep them updated with messages once employees head for their destination .
  • Like customers now you can send SMS alerts to employees as well regarding task and status Now you can customize up to four pre-set text messages to communicate technicians and customers .

Technical Details :