Enhance data integrity and security with permissions

Securely and easily control with CRM Runner who has access to specific information while working with the CRM data and modules such as leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities, etc. The privileges which you are assigned regulate the functions that you can perform on specific records or objects. Your level of access determines for which records these privileges apply.

How CRM Runner can help you with the Permissions feature?
  • You can now limit access of your staff & contractors according to their job roles & responsibilities.
  • Role allocation for your staff and accurate monitoring of task and setting up required security measures in place.
  • Permission feature can be availed in both the desktop & app versions.
  • Maintain high level of security at all times for your business operations especially when you have on field employees spread across various locations.
  • You can set up highly secure security codes to limit access to definitive areas of your business.
  • You can have the highest level of secured access depending on roles despite all being connected through one medium.
  • Limit accessibility of sensitive data of your organization based on operation hierarchy.
  • CRM RUNNER is a finely structured software through which you can control user access.
  • You can now govern the access to your data by the permission feature.

Technical Details :