Reduce risk and drive supply chain performance!!

CRM Runner provides comprehensive functionality for managing your supplier and vendor information, performance and relationships. From an intuitive and easy-to-use supplier and vendors can be added to the portal and you can receive the information you need to assess suitability and performance.

How CRM Runner can help in Vendor and Supplier Management?
  • Providing a 360-degree view of all vendor information, including contacts and communications.
  • Now you can search selectively or check all options available on the designated supplier screen.
  • Products can be related to suppliers making returns easily manageable.
  • You can easily keep a track on the stock by checking on billed, unbilled and unpaid data for better functioning of business.
  • It helps in adding new suppliers to the database while keeping the contact information of the existing ones.
  • Supplier information can be easily viewed and modified as per requirement along with mapping suppliers to locations.
  • New contractors can be easily added and edited and stored in a separate section.
  • Managers can easily search and get relevant details of a or a group of contractors as per relevance.
  • CRM Runner allows you to make faster, more informed decisions that improve productivity, impact quality and drive continuous improvement.