Sales Funnel

Optimize your Sales Funnel with CRM Runner

What are the sales funnel?

A sales funnel is a visual representation of the steps needed to sell your service or product. It shows how many open deals you have, what stage they are in, what support you need and if you can meet your targets.

Benefits of using a CRM sales funnel
  • 1. The CRM sales funnel system can help you to deliver your services with an understanding of the needs of the buyers in an improved manner. It allows you to know your customers ' needs and thereby build a foundation for using the software to enhance your relationship with your customers.
  • 2. The CRM sales funnel system helps you understand your customers’ behavior; it makes you know the perfect time you can introduce a product to your customers. It allows you not to waste time dealing with non-profitable customers and helps you find profitable customers that lead to increased sales.
  • 3. The CRM sales funnel system helps in boosting and increasing your sales. Using this CRM technique will significantly increase your revenue, with the knowledge you have about your customers.
How CRM Runner can help you manage your Sales Funnel?
  • Bird’s eye view of all leads which are organized as per their Sales Funnel stage.
  • The drag and drop facility helps to place the leads at their appropriate level as they progress.
  • Hovering over a contact helped you see the details like phone number, notes and email at a glance.
  • Get access to VoIP call center capability, email, and SMS messages with just a tap.
  • You can update your lead’s contact details and review them as well.
  • CRM Runner helps you get a grid view of available leads.
  • You always have the option of a rescheduling phone call or meeting with the leads.
  • You can customize assignment setting as per your choice by selecting the department and teams.
  • Your team will get an email as well as push notifications whenever your leads make a progress in the sales funnel

The sales funnel of CRM Runner streamlines your sales process. You can sort your leads into different groups. You’ll see who you need to follow up on, who has agreed to buy, and who already sent you their money. CRM Runner then automatically creates a sales report so you know what part of your funnel needs to improve.

Technical Details :