Enjoy a maximum insight into your results with graphical metrics and powerful reporting!!

Reporting tools of CRM Runner empowers business leaders and other decision-makers to swiftly and easily access the information they need, exactly when they need it. The reporting feature places a significant amount of information at your fingertips, and this information can be analyzed to produce valuable insights into not only customer interests, but also profitability, pipeline effectiveness, goal progression, sales-conversion rates, and more. CRM Runner’s reporting functionality is designed to automatically quantify valuable data as it is received, help to bridge the gap between cause and effect.

How CRM Runner can help you manage the reporting system?
  • Whether it’s sales, marketing, or team members activity reports, users can drill down and customize reports filled with only key metrics.
  • Schedule any report to automatically run at a set time and have the results delivered to your email inbox.
  • Reports can be created based on different parameters like estimates, invoices, products, payments, tasks, documents, profit, loss and so on.
  • Take a look at how you move the needle with visual reports that tell you how your lead pool and customer base is growing over time.
  • The dashboards are user-friendly and interactive that display a comprehensive overview of all the important information that a user might wish to review.
  • Use the data that’s most relevant to you, and export it into a file that’s most convenient for external analysis.
  • CRM Runner’s reporting feature removes the possibility of inaccurate, slow to access reports and gives you information exactly when it is needed.
  • Reports can be filtered based on dates, activity, uses, location, time duration, etc.
  • Reports may contain information related to the product, cost, quantity, SKU, sales, and store location.
  • Activity report helps in providing the complete running list of all movement within the database in real-time having a direct link to the database, to have complete control of operations by the respective managers

Don’t trust your business with hard work and inaccurate traditional reporting methods. Invest in CRM Runner, and enjoy the beauty of reporting done correctly.

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