Streamline the daily workload with the help of a calendar

Use CRM Runner’s built-in calendar to schedule new tasks and events, sync them with your calendar, and schedule reminders.

With just one click you can view your calendar or your entire team. See all your commitments in one place by successfully synchronizing your calendar with your mobile device. You will never again miss an appointment as CRM Runner alerts you of meetings in advance through the app or schedules them to give you reminders via email. Add new meeting dates or drag and drop appointments to their correct time when meetings need to be re-arranged with just a single click.

How CRM Runner can help you manage your work calendar?
  • View your calendar by day, week or month.
  • Quickly add tasks and events—such as phone calls, scheduled follow-up, tasks, reminders, submission deadlines or meetings—to your online calendar.
  • Label them with relevant information, like owner, priority, due date and so on.
  • Add notes to each task or event to give them context and keep all details about the scheduled activity at your fingertips.
  • View the contact record for the account by viewing the booking option.
  • View additional details like attached forms or documents such as invoice, orders and billing type with just a double-tap on booking option.
  • Use this calendar feature on both the browser and application versions.
  • Stay on schedule by reviewing and editing items in the calendar.
  • Edit and review items to stay as per schedule.
  • You can invite a colleague or your team members/employees to a particular meeting or event with just a single tap.

Synchronized information with properly managing your calendar reduces workplace confusion, improves communication, and keeps a workday flowing smoothly.

Technical Details :