Build your profile with your brand in mind!

From the “Settings” tab you have control of all your company’s information displayed on CRM Runner. This is where you make your profile exclusive to your business/brand. No matter the industry or the location, CRM Runner can be configured to suit your needs accordingly.

How can I dedicate CRM Runner to my business?
  • Make your profile completely unique to your business. Add your business name, location, URL, and logo to make CRM Runner all your own.
  • Whether doing business in the U.S. or abroad, CRM Runner allows you to choose the currency with which your business will trade and operate.
  • Accurately set the time zone for all your operations so you can stay on schedule no matter where you do business.
  • Manage all personal profile information with ease. Update your name, contact info, and login credentials and profile picture with a few simple clicks.
  • Update or cancel your subscription, and access payment gateway to authorize and process all transactions with your payment service provider.
  • Make your emails look professional and unique to your business with our mail template. Multiple color options for your header, footer, and text, allowing your company’s brand and logo to be at the forefront of your outreach.
  • CRM Runner dashboard keeps tabs on whether you are maintaining focus on the target areas.
  • Control any changes in inventory and remain updated on a real-time basis for any changes in schedule, payment or other functioning.