Integrate and manage information with better communication

Effective CRM depends on quality client communication. Without personalized customer communications, businesses will struggle to market, sell, or support customers. CRM Runner provides the ability to quickly access a 360-Degree Customer View to provide efficient and effective communications.

How CRM Runner can help you with the communications feature?
  • Designing your customized work plan has never been so easy. With the help of CRM RUNNER's plan room, you can not only design a customized work plan but also attach client estimate and take photographs of your service location.
  • With the help of the Sales funnel tool, calls from clients can be assigned to the correct team for smooth functioning.
  • Employees can contact with the next potential client over phone or text message or email by just a click sales funnel page.
  • Employees who are in touch with potential customers can in the same program update any kind of information regarding the client, take important notes on the call, check the inventory status and make changes to estimates & invoices as and when required.
  • Notes can be attached to any particular task or project of a client and can be viewed by anyone having permission.
  • Automatically follow up calls can be scheduled based on earlier communication.
  • Both managers and respective employees are updated on a real-time basis of any relevant information of calls and movement through the sales fun.
  • GPS tracking helps in locating the inventory, equipment, and staff and keeping the operator in the loop.
  • Call recording, call forwarding, dialing for VoIP technology can be executed with just a click by the call center
  • The use of cloud PBX which helps to port existing numbers to be assigned to users is allowed by the program
  • Users with different packages, including ones with unlimited packages are connected to suit business needs