E-Mail Marketing

Nurture Relationships Through Targeted Emails!!

When used correctly, email marketing can be one of the most powerful and cost-effective marketing tools in your arsenal. It has become an essential tool for small and large businesses alike to stay connected with their customers and prospects. CRM Runner’s email marketing feature helps in a variety of creative ways to increase sales, boost customer engagement and improve customer retention. CRM Runner’s email marketing functionality is fully integrated with your contact database, so you can send emails that are directly targeted to your customer and prospect base.

How CRM Runner can help you manage your E-Mail Marketing?
  • Design high-converting email campaigns with ease using different templates. Choose from a variety of templates and customize them to your specific needs with our drag and drop interface.
  • You can schedule follow up messages after successfully sending a message.
  • You can create your group lists for easy distribution of emails.
  • Nurture your prospects automatically with repopulating lists used previously.
  • You can create emails by modifying text color, fonts and also can attach images to make it more eye-catchy to the customers.
  • Build email campaigns that are guaranteed to convert.
  • Send mass emails at a scheduled time to a targeted audience.
  • Easily create and send email blast inventory in stock to potential customers or clients.
  • Tailor your email message as per your company’s interest and communicate with the clients in various stages of the sales funnel.
  • Free up time to run your business while the system grows your business in the background.
  • Communicate with your customers regularly to keep them engaged and up to date with your brand and to ensure they keep coming back again and again.
  • No need to further worry about misplacing your important documents as you can store the documents for future reference.
  • You can even draft an email to send it to your customers later.

As you create stronger email marketing campaigns, your marketing metrics become more insightful, and you cement a relationship with your customers. Make sure none of your customers are left out or ignored when it’s most important for them to hear from you. As a business owner, your primary goal is ensuring that your customers remember you, and love what you do. CRM Runner makes sure all that happens and much more!

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