Assign and manage tasks in the most simpler way!!

CRM Runner provides some great CRM tools for making sure you are keeping on top of your customer relationships. It can help with organizing your workload and making sure you never miss any information. The objective is to have a “360-degree view” of the customer, with all your communications in one place. Your team can view the latest correspondence, putting an end to duplication and time-wasting. Our CRM Software helps put your customers at the forefront of your business and lets you anticipate their needs.

How CRM Runner can help you manage the tasks?
  • Now you can add or delete tasks assigned for a team.
  • It is a full-cycle starting from assigning of tasks to execution and finally raising the invoice.
  • Tasks can be sorted on parameters like team members, date and status for better monitoring.
  • Now you can easily add tasks and send them to clients and assigned team members simultaneously.
  • Tasks can be linked to projects for in-depth monitoring of all the parts of a large or complex assignment.
  • You can segregate your employees based on teams responsible for a particular task.
  • You will be continuously updated on any kind of changes in the status of a task or on completion of assigned tasks.
  • You can review deadlines for particular tasks from the calendar interface.
  • You can get complete in detail task reports with supporting photographs and electronically signed data after verification.
  • Now members can add receipts related to a particular task or project.
  • You can get an in detail report of leftover materials and returned goods.
  • Even customers can leave.
  • Review about the execution of the task.
  • Any rating above 4 will automatically generate & send a thank you message to the client.
  • Omw feature helps in notifying the parties of upcoming arrivals to keep them updated.
  • When the company techie has arrived at the client location, a reached notification will send to the client.
  • An accurate record is maintained of miles cost those are recorded by task and user with help of mileage calculator.

Technical Details :