Assign and manage tasks in the simplest way possible!

CRM Runner provides some great CRM tools for making sure you are keeping on top of all of your tasks. It can help with organizing your workload and making sure you never miss any information. The objective is to have a “360-degree view” of the customer, with all your communications in one place. Your team can view the latest correspondence, putting an end to duplication and time-wasting phone calls or meetings.

How can CRM Runner help you manage the tasks?
  • Assign specific tasks to employees.
  • Set up timeframes with specific start/end dates and times.
  • Set the level of priority on each individual task.
  • Indicate “one-time” or recurring tasks.
  • Post notes and add files that are imperative to each specific task.
  • You can segregate your employees based on teams responsible for a particular task.
  • You will be continuously updated on any kind of changes in the status of a task or on completion of assigned tasks.
  • Review deadlines for particular tasks from the calendar interface.
  • Get complete in detail task reports with supporting photographs and electronically signed data after verification.
  • An accurate record is maintained of mileage cost with help of the mileage calculator.