GPS Tracking

Improve Sales Performance with CRM Runner

Get your onboard customers, prospects, team members, dealers, distributors, and agents on a single platform and access them easily with the systematic arrangement provided by CRM Runner. Not only can you perform the tasks and manage your team members effectively but also track the real-time updates of all the team members. Access all your leads, deals and distributors on the map with a single click. CRM Runner uses GPS Tracking to give you a real-time movement map of every single sales representative deployed on the field.

Why waste resources as well as time on generic GPS systems when you can spend a quarter of your effort and money on a single, integrated program?

Take advantage of GPS data feature by CRM Runner that’s automatically connected to your projects and work orders for instantaneous verification of job hours.

Provide your customers with the peace of mind that comes from knowing they will only be billed for actual hours spent on-site.

What are the benefits of the GPS Tracking feature of CRM Runner?
  • Get a bird’s eye view of your on-field representatives: Whether you have a few, dozens or hundreds of technicians and representatives in the field, managing your team can pose challenges. With our GPS tracking feature, you always have a real-time snapshot of where your team members are. This makes centralized management far easier. Plus, since communication is a two-way street, it’s better for your field personnel, too. Freed from the need to check in with manual status updates or calls to share where they are, technicians can do more with the knowledge that you have all the information through CRM Runner.
  • Compare documented versus actual hours: Our GPS tracking feature also allows for the accurate tracking of hours. Put an end to the struggle your field service team members face with documenting hours on worksites. Marking hours is oftentimes the last thing on their minds as technicians have enough to do. By integrating GPS tracking into your work process, both you and your employees can check hours in real-time and know they’re accurate.
  • Filter and search in different fields: Take advantage of the freedom to search the way you choose. Quickly and easily filter your searches by individuals, teams or locations so you can better manage your crews, resources, and projects. And for added efficiency, gain clearer insights into how much time each team member spends on any given project.

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