Digital Catalog

CRM RUNNER Helps you to sell more products or services.

Discover the power of CRM Runner's Digital Catalog feature, designed to streamline your business operations. Easily create product categories, attach images, and generate visually compelling estimates, all within a few clicks. Boost your sales team's success by presenting clients with visual representations, and expedite the approval process. Experience a faster, more efficient way to send estimates and gain valuable insights into your team's performance.

When clicking on catalog products it will create a full estimate and you will be able to just close the deal or send to client for approval.
  • Create and organize product categories, complete with images, to enhance your product catalog.
  • Generate visually appealing estimates with ease, either independently or directly from your estimates, saving you time.
  • Improve your sales team's closing rate by presenting clients with visual estimates for quick, on-the-spot approvals.
  • Instantly convert approved estimates to invoices and accept payments using a convenient smart pin pad.
  • Simplify the onboarding process for new sales team members by utilizing the user-friendly catalog system.
  • Speed up the estimate delivery process, providing clients with estimates in seconds for a seamless experience.
  • Gain insights into employee performance by tracking which team member built each estimate.