Smart Dispatching & Capacity Planning!!

CRM Runner’s dispatch feature simplifies field service management by greatly reducing the manual effort that goes into handling a service dispatch. You can have a single platform from where you can schedule, manage and deploy field technicians for service tasks. It also leads to better coordination between field technicians and helpdesk operators and consequently, a faster resolution time.

How CRM Runner can help you with the dispatch?
  • CRM RUNNER can be paired with VoIP telephone features so that operators can reach customers by phone with a single click from their information screen.
  • The Team Members can reach each other through phone or chat with the help of the application.
  • Client information, tasks, inventory, and documents are easily accessible within the program.
  • GPS Tracking shows the exact location of the employees, inventory, clients, and equipment.
  • SMS facilitates movements through alerts for technicians/team members who are on their way to a job, finishing a job, ending the workday.