Empower and streamline your business with an easy and quick invoicing facility!

CRM Runner makes it easy to generate invoices, manage sales, collect and keep track of payments, do business accounting and calculate taxes, and use comprehensive real-time reporting function to accurately measure business progress. With the Estimates feature, you can view business activity to any level, for easy follow up at any stage of any client, invoice, payment or staff.

How can CRM Runner help you manage your estimates?
  • Estimates can be generated by team members as well as contractors from anywhere be it office or road.
  • Create professional estimates that stand out and help your customers take your business as seriously as you do.
  • Print out your estimates anytime.
  • Create estimates with eye-catchy templates.
  • For your brand awareness, you can add your company brand pages in front or back of your estimate to make it more appealing to the clients or customers.
  • Attach estimates to tasks for team member assignment and visibility.
  • With the E-doc feature, documents or any approved estimates can be signed electronically for authentication purposes.
  • Templates that allow for customizable estimates/invoices unique to your company’s branding
  • Create different packages for services/products for estimates/invoice