Get it together with CRM Integration!

CRM Runner helps to digitize your business with fully integrating it with your existing software. High productivity involves the use of CRM system as an enterprise portal, integrating all front and back-end systems with business process automation.

How can CRM Runner help you with the Integrations feature?
  • Make access to important information easier! The platform regularly interacts with top names like Google, QuickBooks & Microsoft office.
  • Information from business & social media is directly integrated into customers, leads, documents and landing pages.
  • You can easily connect your CRM RUNNER database to VoIP phone systems, email servers & text message services.
  • Multiple locations can be organized by using the integrated GPS tracking system.
  • You can directly import information stored in Excel or other spreadsheet databases to maintain your network of leads & contacts.
  • Apart from most banks & Telecom service providers, integration possibilities include BigCommerce, Amazon, chat, and API.