Streamline and manage campaigns, and get ROI campaigns accurate!

To be successful your marketing campaigns should be tailored and tailored to the specific market needs. Each campaign should focus on, reach out to and engage with your target audience. CRM Runner helps you handle your multiple campaigns and the specific challenges associated with the industry. CRM Runner lets you manage and streamline your campaigns to deliver optimal outcomes. Also, the various marketing campaigns can be aligned and combined based on the CRM campaign management dashboard. All-together, the CRM software helps you maximize the ROI by optimizing the right campaigns and channels.

How CRM Runner can help you with the marketing?
  • CRM RUNNER allows to email the new and the contacts from the saved distribution lists.
  • Draft the email with the option to format and add attachments directly from the database.
  • Send SMS to connect with customers in support of your brand’s voice.
  • Plan and run your multiple marketing campaigns from a single dashboard for managing the CRM campaigns.
  • Collate and manage customer-prospect detailed data in a cloud database.
  • CRM RUNNER posts company information, logo, and social media on a professionally designed landing page to attract more potential customers to your business.
  • Update your brand’s message and voice from the User Settings page, accessible only to those granted permission by the administrator.
  • Run your campaigns based on relevant content template based on specific audience segments.
  • Use Email blast feature to deliver your message to all your potential leads/customers.
  • SMS campaign will help you deliver your message directly to customer’s mobile phone.
  • Chat feature can be installed through CRM Runner short code widget to get new leads and communicate with them easily and efficiently.
  • CRM Call Center makes it easy to stay in contact with the leads and customers.
  • Convert your acquired leads into customers via a planned engagement strategy for prospects.