Simplify your payroll process!

Manually managing payroll is a complicated, time consuming and highly calculative process. CRM Runner helps to structured employee data in a structured way, manage pay structures, payroll information and generate pay slips etc.

How can CRM Runner help you manage payroll?
  • Managing attendance, calculating leaves & processing salary are just a click away using the time clock & timesheet.
  • Employee log in & log out time can be easily viewed by concerned authorities using the CRM RUNNER database time clock.
  • Managers can review in & out time of employees and keep track of teams and individual employees.
  • Work hours can be precisely monitored and added to customer invoice.
  • Monitor movement of employees who are on field and track their location.
  • Features three different options for payment plans: hourly, task performance (i.e., payment upon completion) and (50%) commission-based pay.
  • Schedule salaries and automate deposits
  • Customizable tax calculation for each payment plan