Have all your employee data at your fingertips!!

Employees are your company's backbone, making it vital for your business to have the right tools to motivate and manage their data. CRM Runner contributes to an organization’s overall growth by boosting and automating day-to-day employee management processes.

How CRM Runner can help you with managing the employees?
  • You can assign hierarchy for your employees by allotting them designations and allow them permissions to view and control their daily operations.
  • Make your employees feel belonged by sending them greetings on their special events.
  • Employees are very important pillars for your business thus assigning them a well-defined Kras and necessary permissions are very important.
  • Your operation data is secured at all levels with CRM RUNNER.
  • You can now get all reports related to the performance of your personnel deployed at all sites and other relevant information.
  • You can upload electronic signatures and get in and out times as well.
  • CRM RUNNER is a smooth & suave tool which will help you to always be a step ahead of your competitors .
  • While handling employees as it understands that employees are the biggest asset a company can have.
  • CRM Runner enables you to either customize or create your metrics or use the standard metric system to have an overview of the entire management of your employees.