Activity Tracker

Never Lose Track of Employees Again!

When running a business, it’s difficult to make sure that you are hiring the right personnel that are using both your time and money wisely. With CRM Runner, you can now track your in-office employee’s progress directly from the system via our Activity Tracker. With this feature, you will be able to monitor every employee from their computer to ensure they are staying on task and not wasting time. It can track mouse movements, Internet activity, and provides snapshots of each employee’s computer for complete visibility of their actions. This feature is also integrated with each employee’s timeclocks and will automatically clock out any employee who has performed zero activity after one hour, docking that hours’ worth of payment from the employee’s salary.

  • Manage payroll more efficiently with CRM Runner’s activity tracker
  • Monitor each in-office employee’s progress from their computers.
  • Track mouse movements, Internet data, and view automated screenshots of daily work activities
  • Timeclock integration allows for automated clock out of any employee who has remained inactive for one hour, also docking this hour from the employee’s pay