Customer Management

Never lose track of customers again!

When growing a successful business, it can be hard to keep track of new and old clients. CRM Runner is here to rectify that issue with our database dedicated to storing customer information.

How can CRM Runner help you with the referral policy?
  • The “Customers” module displays an exhaustive list of your customers to facilitate the sales process.
  • Review sum of invoices, tasks performed, and payments collected for current month to keep focused on targets while in the module.
  • Search customers by name or any other related information.
  • Add new customers into the database with one click.
  • Import customers from Quickbooks or Excel sheets.
  • Access and update customer status and contact details.
  • Update tax information, notes, attachments such as: call recordings, images, videos and files, tasks, plan room, work orders and signed electronic documents/agreements.
  • Schedule a call.
  • Integrate your appointments on the calendar synced with Google Calendar.
  • Manage estimates, invoices, and payment history.
  • Remove customers from the database at any time, even in bulk.
  • Set alerts for changes on customer’s order status.
  • Set reminders and follow-ups.