Team Members

Enhance collaboration and communication with effective team management

Is team management really important? The ingredients for solid company culture include effective management, proactive employees and solution-focused goals and actions.

CRM Runner helps in completing projects or running day-to-day tasks. The team manager can delegate activities to the team members, chat for better communication, generate repost based on performance and help in prioritizing them. CRM runner helps you to manage your project and day to day tasks very efficiently.

How CRM Runner can help you manage your team effectively?
  • Managing attendance, leave calculation becomes way easier with monitoring the employee's clock in and out.
  • With the help of a time clock function, the actual hours worked by an employee/team member can be tracked.
  • A completely customized timesheet can be generated that can help in accelerating the payroll process.
  • You can easily maintain personnel information of all employees for better accessibility of data and making relevant information easily available to those who deem.
  • Employees who are on the move can be easily tracked about their location with the help of GPS feature for better monitoring of their tasks.
  • Office communication whether intra department or intraoffice becomes very easy with the chat feature that connects all employees.
  • You can now set permissions for employees of different departments to access data as per their requirements.
  • Keeping a track of your organization through placing the right person to the right job and assigning the best-suited job role, team, relevant department and allowing the necessary access for the smooth functioning of your business.
  • Employees with outdoor activities can be easily tracked by monitoring their location and CRM usage.
  • Employees can be grouped based on teams.

Technical Details :