Streamline job order via ticket system!!

CRM Runner's job management area allows users to comply with all industry-recognized processes as well as other relevant workforce management compliance protocols while enabling clear, targeted job management from initial contact through qualification, evaluation, job completion, and payment. These principals apply across the different types of projects, whether a boiler installs, building projects or fitting windows, domestically or commercially.

How CRM Runner helps you manage jobs via the ticket system?
  • Assigning tickets to job orders for projects based on priority to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Access real-time reports and closely monitor the status for a ticket assigned to a particular job order which helps in smooth functioning
  • Creating accurate invoices and hassle-free payment options.
  • Files, documents, updates regarding any task can be attached for a better understanding of the status of the ticket.
  • User accessibility through the application on mobile devices leads to a paperless system for monitoring of a job order from start to end
  • We have the experience and capability to offer you superior support and flexible services designed around your business so that you can monitor and manage jobs efficiently.

Technical Details :