CRM Runner Gateway

Simplify Payments with CRM Runner's Payment Gateway

CRM Runner offers a powerful payment gateway solution that streamlines your financial transactions. Keep all your payments and transactions neatly organized within a single system. With our payment gateway, you can apply payments directly to invoices, activate our convenience fee feature, and enjoy the benefit of paying 0% in merchant fees. Whether you're on the go or operating in-store, our user-friendly touchscreen terminal makes accepting payments a breeze. Experience seamless payment processing with CRM Runner's Payment Gateway.

Our Merchant Fees

Card - 2.9% + $0.30

(no maximum)

Card - $25.00


ACH - 1.0%

(maximum fee of $15)

ACH - $35.00


ACH - $25.00


Smart Terminal

  • PAXBiz® powered by Android™
  • 5″ IPS Touchscreen
  • 2″ Thermal Printer, 80mm/sec
  • PCI PTS 5.x