VOIP Phone

Call anyone directly through CRM Runner!

CRM Runner provides a phone system to make communication for your business streamlined and simplified. Set up voicemail messages, view your call history, and stay up to date with contacts all from our system. Our VOIP integration provides business owners with the ability to call anyone, be they customer, employee or vendor, over your active internet connection.

  • Make phone calls, set up recordings, create SMS messages, and maintain your voicemail box.
  • Search all contacts and phone calls by phone number.
  • Maintain, check balance and purchase new phone lines.
  • VOIP allows for telephone/text communication via an internet connection.
  • Set up IVR and route customers to the right department.
  • When a call comes in it will identify the customer/lead and be recorded in his account.
  • Mask phone number when a call comes in to know where it is coming from.
  • Add "When busy" logic to your lines so you never miss a call.
  • If a call comes in and the caller number is not in the system you can add him as new lead/customer.
  • Call & receive calls from the web interface or the PhoneApp App.