Customize the CRM As Per Your Business Processes

Customization feature of CRM Runner helps administrators to customize the software as per business requirements. Fields, Forms, Emails, Views, SMS, Product Logo, Templates, Reports, Dashboards are all customizable to suit client requirements.

How CRM Runner can help you Customise the software as per your business requirements?
  • You can customise the dynamic forms as per your requirement and send them to contractors or team members.
  • You can add or edit the fields related to inventory or services your company/business offers.
  • You can easily search or manage an on-going list of referrals/ Ad channels by adding or deleting the entries.
  • Can be easily integrated with the current software like QuickBooks, Google, and Microsoft Outlook.
  • To coordinate between franchises or multiple sites, create location or store tags.
  • Categorise and update the tax details so they appear correctly in the database.
  • Customise invoices and estimates by using our pre designed 15 templates designs.
  • You can customise documents as per your brand’s colour and by uploading logo.
  • You can incorporate additional details for both invoice and estimates.
  • You can even choose which fields to print on the invoices and estimates to ensure you provide the required information.
  • You can customise the inventory on the basis of type and can choose which details you want to display regarding your products or services.
  • You can also customise the automated messages like on my way, arrived, end of the day and job ended tasks as well intimate the technicians also.
  • You can even set permissions and provide access for employees to the database as per your need.
  • You can also include links to social media by storing and accessing the details in the database.
  • You can even create a unique and professional looking landing page which will help you to connect customers to your leads management tools.

Technical Details :