Manage customer appointments in a hassle-free manner!

CRM Runner helps streamline booking by allowing managers to engage with their customers, manage clients’ bookings and payments, and generate reports. Moreover, this online platform provides special booking features for users and allows making multiple appointments at different locations in one click.

How can CRM Runner help you manage your appointment booking?
  • Customers are allowed the freedom of making their appointments as per their convenience.
  • Allow certain members to have permission to access the feature and manage the booking schedule as well as make necessary changes in appointments.
  • Appointments can be linked with tickets & services for better monitoring.
  • Maintain all information pertaining to customer in CRM Runner’s database.
  • Book multiple appoints in the same time slot without hassle.
  • Easily manage availability by editing time slot length as well as days that you are open for business.
  • Choose which form fields can be visible to the customer and which fields are required for booking an appointment.