Engage and chat with your team members in real time

CRM Runner includes a built-in integration of the instant messenger options to keep the team connected in order to boost productivity. This integration allows the capture of entire website chat sessions.

How CRM Runner can help you with the chat option?
  • Easy-to-integrate with existing systems for seamless experience.
  • The notifications helps to alert the team members of new messages.
  • Easily access the saved messages in order to keep a record of the prior discussions.
  • Set your status as offline/online to alert regarding your availability to your co-workers.
  • Group your employees/team members on designated team member page.
  • Automate replies can also be generated to ensure quality response.
  • With advanced chat routing system, your team can ensure that all generated chats are routed to the right team member which helps in increased conversion.
  • Any interaction with the customers/existing clients will be intimated to the team members to take necessary actions/steps.

Technical Details :