Engage and chat with your team members in real time!

CRM Runner includes a built-in integration of the instant messenger options to keep the team connected in order to boost productivity. This integration allows the capture of entire website chat sessions.

How can CRM Runner help you with chat?
  • Features side bar that lists all employees for contact
  • Open chat windows for swift and easy communication with employees
  • Allows both employers and employees to stay up to date within the system via instant communication
  • Easy-to-integrate with existing systems for seamless experience.
  • Easily access saved messages to keep a record of prior discussions.
  • Set your status as offline/online to inform co-workers of availability.
  • Group employees/team members on designated team member page.
  • Generate automated replies to ensure quality response.
  • Advanced chat routing system routs generated chats to the correct team member, assisting in increased conversion.
  • Our chat feature also allows for Social Media Chat Integration, centralizing all social media communication onto one platform from your different profiles.