• Rank your employees, give them titles and secure their permissions to see and control their daily operations.
  • Show your staff that you care for them. Get notifications and send out messages for birthdays or other personal event days in a special way.
  • Employees are the backbone of your business operations and it is important to assign them definitive roles with necessary permissions.
    • Set security at all levels to protect your operation data.
    • Assign titles to your employees and give them the necessary permission to see fields that concern their individual roles.
    • Send your techies to the jobs, follow up their performance and get reports from them.
    • Upload electronic signatures and get sign-in and sign-out times too.
    • CRM RUNNER knows how to show your employees that you care for them by giving you notifications on their personal events.
  • You will always be a step ahead when it comes to handling employees with the smooth and suave CRM RUNNER.