Starting a business is exciting, but hiring employees is even more so. Payroll is one of the most complicated tasks of any business. Every aspect of payroll management requires the utmost attention to detail, from tracking time to processing withholdings and filing taxes.

Payroll is a complicated and time-consuming process. A CRM System built-in with payroll process module can be of use to small businesses to process employee benefits, tax information, and payroll records. You can carry out multiple tasks with a single application while saving time and money on licensing and training.

You can use CRM Runner as both a CRM and payroll system. All employee data can be organized, pay structures, payroll information can be managed, and paychecks can be generated, for example. Payments, employee attendance, and leave calculations can all be automated. Thus, you are able to stay away from all hassles by choosing a systematic and smart payment method.

Keep attendance records for employees

Using the time clock and timesheet feature, this payroll module backed by CRM Software CRM Runner will help you to manage employee attendance, calculate leaves, and process salaries.

View employee performance from all angles

CRM Runner can be used as a time clock to see employee login and logout times, to review them, and to keep track of teams and individuals.

Monitor the location of logged-in employees

Employees on the field can be monitored and their location and route can be tracked, therefore minimizing the loss of office hours.

Keep track of work hours

Invoice customers can be calculated based on employee work hours tracked at the workplace. The attendance and direct payroll of employees can be kept easily.

This CRM System is ideal choice as payroll for service providers CRM Software. It easily and seamlessly integrates and backs powerful payroll management capabilities into CRM Runner. With payroll automation, you’ll save time, money, simplify the payroll process, and be able to better manage your business.

You can view a real-time movement map of every sales representative deployed on the field using the CRM Runner CRM software. With robust CRM software such as CRM Runner, you can leverage this new-age convenience.

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