Employee and Client Tracking Software Help Keep Businesses on Top of Revenue

Even with the best in client tracking software available, a surprising number of business owners still aren’t aware of where their business is losing money.  It isn’t entirely their fault. With all of the tasks on the plate of a business owner it is impossible to keep up with everything.  Many third party reviewers find that businesses often lose money when two important things aren’t tracked appropriately.

Businesses are made up of employees that service clients.  Since those two things are such a large part of what a business is, it isn’t shocking that they are two of the main areas where a business loses money.  Appropriately implementing an employee tracking software can help businesses understand where employees are costing money and where they are cutting corners.  In additional to tracking employees, businesses that choose to also use a client tracking software report less losses and more sales.

 Employee and Client Tracking Software

Why businesses need to use a client tracking software

Using client tracking software enables business owners to improve customer satisfaction and better monitor changes in customer patterns and requests.  Doing this has a direct impact on various parts of the business.  For example, a client tracking software can help business owners determine buying trends and which customers are more likely to return or purchase an upsell.

The best types of software that tracks client activity will also keep communications, demographic information and work orders all in one place.  Finding a software that tracks client purchases, communications and satisfaction is a sure way for businesses to increase their profit and decrease client retention costs.


Benefits of a client tracking software

Business owners that choose to use a client tracking software see bigger numbers, smaller problems and an improved customer experiences.  While there are many benefits of using a software that tracks client information, there are a few main benefits that most business owners report.  When evaluating the reasons to begin tracking clients with in an automated way it becomes clear that both the business and the customer see benefits.

For business owners, keeping client communication in one place as well as better reporting topped the list of benefits.  Sales teams say they appreciate tracking client purchases and an easier way to follow-up.  Many report that they are more efficient with their time and get more sales because they better know their customers and how they purchase.  With a client tracking software keeping everything in one place, customers feel more satisfied and tell their friends.  This combination of benefits results in decreased amounts of money spent on getting and keeping clients.

Businesses also need an employee tracking software

Businesses that know everything about their customers still lose money if they are in the dark about how their employees service those clients.  Keeping up with which employee is where and what work they have performed is a problem that every manager faces.  With employee tracking software monitoring their location, what equipment they have and what they have accomplished, the burden of keeping up with employees is far less significant.

Not all employee time tracking software has the capability to streamline all parts of tracking employees.  Some only track schedules, others only track inventory and others don’t track anything the employee completes at all.  While all tracking of employees can help a company cut costs and make well informed decisions some software that tracks employees is better equipped to track everything a business needs to monitor.

Top features included with an employee tracking software

Employee time tracking

An employee tracking software should keep track of when and where employees are working.  Ideally it will track their schedule as well as when they clock in and out all in one place.  A software that tracks employees in the most effective way will keep up with where employees are, how long they are there and when they stop working.  Some of the top employee tracking software programs will also integrate with popular payroll options seamlessly.

Employee performance tracking

Accountable employees improve customer service and increase revenue.  Software that tracks employees and the progress they have made help managers make knowledgeable choices about top performers and team members that just aren’t making the cut.  Programs with customizable reports that are easy to read and easy to fill out will help business owners track the performance of employees

GPS tracking for employee locations

Knowing if field and sales staff are actually at work or taking a long lunch is difficult without an employee tracking software that tells you exactly where they are.  Software that tracks employees by using the GPS location on their device ensures that businesses aren’t paying for work that was not completed.

Businesses that choose to use software to track their customers and their employees say that the costs of running their business decreased. Many also experience clients returning, repurchasing or telling their friends more frequently.  As the cost to do business goes down, businesses with software that tracks employees  and clients see higher profits and more satisfied customers.


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