Running a printing and customization company is no small feat, and you need CRM technology that can keep up.  From taking orders to sending samples, to notifying your clients of promotions, and everything in between, there is a lot to get done!  Using a CRM database like CRM RUNNER will keep everything running smoothly.

When customers visit your website, for example, they can come to your landing page which CRM RUNNER provides with a fresh and modern template.  On the landing page, software collects the viewer’s contact information and saves it to CRM RUNNER.  Now your business has a list of potential sales leads that populates itself 24 hours a day.

Once customers are brought into the mix, they can be tracked using CRM RUNNER´s Sales Funnel feature.  The sales funnel feature displays where potential clients are in the sales process.  An easy drag-and-drop method allows managers to sort their teams’ prospect by level in the sales funnel.  Double clicking on the prospect brings up contact information, and there is a one-click button to place a phone call to the client.  Clients can also be contacted by bulk email or by text (SMS) message, making it easy to share newsletters, upcoming promotions and trends for seasonal products, and coupons.

Once your client is on board with your company, there are the matters of mockups, screens, inventory availability, changes in pricing, shipping, billing and inevitably, a few returns.  All of these facets can be managed by CRM RUNNER.  This powerful software can handle not only call center duties with VoIP integration but also functions as an electronic document center.  Documents can be attached to customers, tasks, or projects for easy review.  Electronic signature means easy sign off procedures for customers and vendors.  You can even grant different permissions to various users so that only those who need to do so may view the files.

Payment is easy to collect using CRM RUNNER.  Invoices based on inventory and services provided are easily converted from estimates, both on pre-designed templates featuring your company logo and message.  Payment can be collected directly inside the software and fully integrates with your current finance software.  Returns can also be marked in the software for efficient processing.

If your company does delivery, this process can also be managed using CRM RUNNER thanks to its mobile application and GPS tracking.  Payment can be accepted on the road, automatically closing the invoice and sending the customer a receipt.  GPS Tracking lets you confirm driver routes and customer location.  Street view allows you to see exactly where the customer is.

Printing and promotion offices can be busy places with the creativity and logistics that come in the field.  However, CRM technology like CRM RUNNER organizes much of that work so that your business can do what it does best, get the customer his product.

If you are new to using this software, then you can use our 14 days free trial or check our Pricing here.