Companies that offer rentals for events and parties today find themselves in a unique situation when it comes to CRM software needs.  These businesses need to maintain inventory of their product, track their inventory and staff, maintain contracts and collect signatures, and manage payments.  CRM RUNNER, the latest in CRM technology, brings all of these tasks into one central database so that your team can get things done in the office or out on the road.

Rental companies can keep an inventory of many products such as inflatable jump houses, tables, chairs, photobooths, decorations, plants, backdrops, furniture, and more.  These items can be inventoried using CMR RUNNER.  The application provides a way to list each item separately based on serial number.  Items can also be tracked by location if they are stored in various warehouses or storefronts.  Items can be tracked using the GPS feature of software.  Even before items are delivered to the client, the route driver can verify the exact location for drop off and even see the location via street view.  That means happier customers when product arrives on time and to the right location.  The GPS capabilities means more accountability for staff as you know where they are and where your product is.

Maintaining an accurate record of your operations and finances is important for any business, but in rentals especially, it is imperative the signatures are collected in a central location in case any order needs to be reviewed and verified if a question arises about the contract.  Your team wants to be sure that the customer signed off on 40 tables before loading the truck.  CRM RUNNER stores all documents electronically and attaches the information to the client profile for easy access, by desktop computer or mobile device.  Document storage means these documents are open to those in sales, delivery, and billing.  Clients can sign these documents electronically as well.  The software even allows for quick sending through the application interface.

Simplify payment collection using CRM software.  CRM RUNNER integrates with your current finance and credit card software to process transactions directly in the application, closing the invoice and automating follow-up procedures such as receipts, surveys, and return instructions.  Invoices can be sent by email to customers and paid online, automating your payment process.  Thanks to full software integration, everything works as one to make your daily operations smoother than ever.

From client phone calls and estimates, to moving the product to the location, to collecting payment, CRM RUNNER has a solution for every part of the administration of rental businesses.  No matter what you rent, CRM RUNNER can organize it.

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