Everywhere you go, it seems, there is valet parking, especially in big, busy cities.  It isn’t just fancy events, hotels, and restaurants, either.  Malls, shopping centers, and hospitals utilize valet services as well.  Sometimes valet work is outsourced to private clients.  What are these valet parking service companies doing to stay on top of it all?  Well, they are using Valet Parking Service CRM Software!

CRM stands for customer relationship management.  The database maintains customer relationships in a variety of ways.  It can help establish new markets and help you connect with your current ones, depending on how you run your business.  For example, the software offers a landing page tool.  If someone out there is searching the internet search engines for keywords like “I need a private valet service” or “valet service providers near me,” don’t you want your name to be one of the first to pop up?  If you use the landing page tools in a CRM Software database, you can take advantage of the prime internet real estate by collecting contact information so you can connect with your leads later.  When you have the information handy, you (or your sales team) can access a sales funnel tool to help keep the contact information organized as you focus on converting.

Other tools that are popular in Valet Parking Service CRM Software.

GPS:  Some vendors are going to operate out of multiple sites.  To help get a better understanding of where each site is, access the GPS tools.  This tool shows your sites on a map, provides a street view of the location, and calculates mileage for expense reports.

Payroll:  If you can have your employees access the software, you can use it to manage payroll.  That means your payroll report is reliable, accurate, and easier to process.

Calendar:  Every professional has a lot on their plate when it comes to meetings, appointments, and deadlines.  To stay on top of it all, valet parking service owners and managers can use CRM Software to keep track of their calendars.  If an appointment needs to moved, just drag it to the new timeslot.

To-do List:  If your to-do list seems to never end, perhaps computerizing it can help.  You can keep track of everything there is to do as well as assign some tasks to other employees.

Contracts:  You can save all your contracts to a secure location using CRM Software.  Because CRM Software is accessible on a mobile device with an internet connection, you will be able to pull up a contract at a moment’s notice.

Valet Parking Service CRM Software is popular today.  To learn more about getting CRM Software for your company, contact CRM RUNNER today.  To find out if the software is right for you, ask about a free trial.