Want to supercharge your business marketing workflows? Align your marketing and sales team and their efforts and set up a marketing automation system to streamline and manage creative, innovative marketing campaigns, and achieve ROI accurately!

How marketing automation can help you?

  • Marketing automation can make communication faster and efficient
  • Guarantee an increased efficiency within your organization

Integrate your marketing efforts with a CRM platform to achieve you goal.

Thanks to the customer-centric approach of a CRM system, a CRM can help you improve lead quality, which in turn makes it easier to launch targeted and personalized messages, such as emails, messages, landing page optimization, social media marketing, and a lot more.

You may be saying yourself, “That’s amazing, but how does a CRM software help you achieve all that?”

Well, let’s say that the process is straightforward. Simply map fields from a CRM system with your marketing efforts. The field mapping process is automatic in an end-to-end customer relationship management platform like CRM runner.

See below how CRM runner can help you streamline your marketing:

  • Help you plan and run your multiple marketing campaigns from a single dashboard
  • Allow you to email the new and the contacts from the saved distribution lists
  • You can draft the email, format and add attachments directly from the database
  • Allow you to send SMS to your customers in support of your brand’s voice
  • Collate and manage customer-prospect detailed data in a cloud database

In order to get a marketing edge over your competitors, your marketing campaigns need to be creative, innovative, faster and tailored to market specific needs. Each campaign should focus on them, reach out and engage with your targeted audience only.

CRM runner fulfils them all for business goals worldwide.

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