Customer Service is a very important aspect of Customer Relationship Management or CRM. A positive customer experience will lead the customer to share his experience with his friends and family which in turn will create new leads and customers at zero cost. However, what happens if a customer has a negative experience? As per multiple studies, 96% of unhappy customers do not complain and 92% of those simple leave and never come back. The hope remains with the remaining 8% who do complain. There is still a change you can fix things and make them happy again.

Reasons why a customer complain

If a customer finds your product or service not up to the mark and he decides to complain on your platform or on social media, it could be driven by any of these motives:

  • They want to save other people from having the same experience
  • They want to get a refund
  • They want you to change your business policies
  • They want an apology
  • They want to damage your brand’s reputation.

Different category of people have different reasons for their complains. A good CRM software should be able to help you track and document each and every complain so that you can handle each of them differently.

How can these complaints benefit you

Customer complains although not a pleasant thing can help you improve your business and provide you with multiple opportunities.

  1. Helps you identify gaps in your business

If you received a complaint on a particular product or service of yours, there is a possibility that thousand others who used that service did not complain and leave your business. So there is a compelling motivation for you to address the issue so as to not lose any further customers. These issues might be in an internal process which could not have been identified otherwise. Identifying and tracking these issues will help you in creating a better product and hence more satisfied customers.

  1. Create loyal customers

As per a survey, 90% of customers say they will give a company a second chance to improve after they have a bad experience. This is where you have an opportunity to build a loyal customer. If you manage to resolve an issue on priority basis, you have higher chances of converting him into a loyal one, than before the problem took place.

  1. Modify internal training process

A bad customer experience gives you a chance to train new support representatives on how to handle that particular issue. These complaints have the ability to shape the training methodology.

  1. Gives a chance to be at par or exceed competition

If a customer complains on a certain product or service, there is a hidden message. It means that the customer is expecting something which your competitors are already providing. This can provide an opportunity for your business to improve and meet the market standards and even exceed them.

How to handle customer complaints

Once you receive a complain, handling the same is a 5 step process:

  • Listen and understand
  • Apologize sincerely
  • Find a solution
  • Follow up if they are satisfied with the solution
  • Exceed expectations by providing something extra like early access to newly launched products

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