CRM activity reports give a comprehensive look at the quantum and quality of the sales activities of a team in a defined time period. This includes phone calls, on-site meetings and emails.

This enables the managers to derive precious insight into the performance metrics of the team and to assess the efficiency of individual sales executives.

What can you see through an activity report?

1. You can get full data activity report on your team members

2. Numerical count of all sales activities differentiated by type and user

3. Comparison between logged activity and scheduled quotas for particular activity types

4. Assessment of the activity efforts of your team with reference to an already established time frame

5. Quantum of time consumed for each activity

6. Assessment of notes related to the activity

CRM enabled activity reports provide actionable direction and feedback to the sales representatives by the managers. This will allow for shorter meetings and increased productivity. More time can be spent on actual selling.

Activity reports ensure quality over quantity

Activity reports periodically check the efficiency of the sales executives by keeping a close watch on the number of phone calls they make along with the quality.

The notes on the activity reports give an accurate report so what type of progress was made on the particular sales activity.

Pattern Identification

Activity report of CRM gives a close and quick view of the activities conducted by representatives with regards to new sales opportunities. You can track the performance of each sales representative by looking at phone calls, actions and closed customer opportunities.

You can identify and analyze patterns and suggest improvements to converts sales avenues into leads and then into closed deals.

Activity reports to coach Sales executives

Sales executive are frequently found to be wanting in the correct understanding of lead behavior across multiple channels. Activity reports enable the managers to schedule meetings, assignment of follow up tasks and sub-task delegation to the field executives.

Activity reports create the right ecosystem where you can capture, analyze and comprehend your contact information.

Understand Activity reports to boost sales

Modern CRM applications are armed with capabilities to induce a complete transformation in sales, customer service and marketing campaigns. The activity reports allow for meaningful engagement with the customers.

Activity reports are important contributors for sales reports and they give superlative insights into the present state of sales performance.

Activity reports help in the correct understanding of related reports such as open issues, lost sales and lead reports and help you to take immediate corrective action on a real-time basis.

Top benefits of CRM activity reports

CRM Activity reports give an understanding of the professional behavior of your employees. They give accurate analysis of the factors of efficiency and loyalty towards furthering the cause of the brand in the market.

Activity reports help in the right usage of available resources to give top quality customer service and to comprehensively understand what more can be done for the effective targeting and conversion of leads.

Activity reports help you to diagnose quality problems and investigate for the presence of any service issues by the employees.