Thanks to the CRM software, the world is now free with the complicated paperwork and its complications. Before the CRM software, sales rep used to go out in the field with all paperwork. And roaming around from door to door with all the paperwork, things usually got frustrated for the employees to keep a track of the prospects and customers.

But now, whether it is Transactions CRM Software or email integration or social media technology, CRM has rooted firmly within the organizations and improved their working. Now, every company understands the significance of CRM to organize and track the prospects and for its other features too.

There was a time when data handling used to be a tough job. People had messy handwriting and if they forget to carry the business card or any other document along then the data become inconsistent. Thus, it was essential to remove the inconsistent method of gathering information and data. You will be amazed to know that CRM software can help the sales rep to save 67% of their time as compared to a pen and paper.

As you can see, CRM software has made everything better. Thus, the features employed within have certain zeal towards them. So, you should know about the most useful features of the software. Some of the features are commonly found in all CRM software and some are unique. So, you need to decide which software would be best for your business.

The standard features of the software are mentioned below:

1: Tracking:

This is one of the vital features required by all kinds of businesses. With CRM RUNNER, the business will have an opportunity to:

  • View the satellite map location of the staff members on field duty and track them remotely.
  • Know the live or current location of your team and their expected driving routes
  • GPS tracking feature will also give you access to site images and get an accurate location of the employee.

This feature can be used for tracking staff innovatively. This way, you will have an overview of the team and the customers and the additional “On My Way” feature allows the client to be aware of the team’s expected arrival on the premises. CRM makes tracking and tracing a lot easier.

2: Integration:

CRM RUNNER is proven to be very effective software when it comes to integration. It digitalizes the working system of the business operating in multiple locations without the need to fall back to additional applications. The software integrates:

  • With top name brands application to provide maximum control and better results.
  • Sales, campaign, and social media management to form single window CRM software with maximum operating

As the workforce is spread across the multiple locations, the CRM software needs to be a combination of all operational, analytical and collaborative features. With the integration of all these aspects, the software will generate real-time data and streamline the workflow. The users will get better updates and access to data.

3: Plan Room CRM Software:

The Plan Room CRM Software is one of the brilliant ideas for businesses. It is a tool that customizes the work plan. So, just attach the plan with client estimate and send it to the technician through the Plan Room. You can also capture the images of your service location to mark all the areas that need adjustments and installation. Therefore, the feature makes everything seamless.

4: Document Storage:

The inventory for the documents and details of the clients is the best way to keep a track and manage the customer information. With CRM software, you can easily manage the warehouse and the biggest benefit would be the fact that you’ll have multiple backups so you won’t have to worry about data loss ever.

5: Transactions CRM Software:

One other useful feature is the transaction feature. The Transactions CRM Software allows the businesses to make the transaction much simpler on every hand. They can get paid through the app, send payments and also gets notifications with this tool. It gives an encompassing and comprehensive solution to ease up the management.

6: Quotes Management:

The designed quotes and invoices make a cutting edge difference in the first impression. With the invoice details and quotes, you can stay over the head of your competitors. Just select the entities, match the designs, and customize each field according to the ongoing business operations. The employees have the freedom to carry out the modifications as they like and give a revised quote to the customers on a later date. It has also made it easier to clear the invoices.

Some of the unique features of CRM RUNNER are given below:

1: Application:

Now with CRM RUNNER, you can access the business data anywhere, anytime. The app is available on Google Play Store and App Store too. Plus, the application is user-friendly and helps to manage the business in a better way.

2: To Do List:

The To-Do List feature is designed so that the business can accomplish the assignments and projects in an organized manner. It works like a sticky note but digitized and allows you to create a customized to-do list for your day-to-day schedule. It will also make sure that you complete the appointed tasks on time without missing out the deadlines.

3: E-Docs:

This is one of the most remarkable features of CRM RUNNER and not yet available in all software. The e-docs can process the documents digitally to eliminate the tedious paperwork. You can also create documents like proposals or contracts with the E-Docs feature.  Plus, you can also access the stored documents online in the time of need.

As you can see, other than Plan Room CRM Software and other standard features, the CRM RUNNER has embedded many unique and advanced features beneficial for the business. These features are added to the software to make it more useful and commendable.