An article on has this to say on the personal concierge market: “One San Francisco-based concierge business saw its client base double in 1996 and continue to grow up to 50 percent annually for several years after that. Some 2,000 miles away, a Chicago concierge firm that began with 25 clients in 1997 grew to service more than 85 clients in just a few years. Membership in the National Association of Professional Organizers, which includes some professionals who provide concierge services, swelled from a few hundred when founded in 1985 to more than 1,100 members by the late 1990s.”  This data shows how big the concierge business is becoming, meaning that those in it need to act strategically to stay ahead.  One of way of rising to the top is by investing in Personal Concierge CRM Software.

CRM Software has made waves in many industries over the past few decades.  Once reserved for big businesses, computerized technology has come a long way in terms of versatility and affordability.  It is hard to believe that such powerful technology is available to just about anybody today.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.  Managing the relationship a business has with its customer is important in any industry, but in the world of personal concierge services, perhaps it is the most vital part of the work.

Here are six tools that make Personal Concierge CRM Software worth every penny.

  1. Chat features. If you have a team, you need the chat tool.  Your client shouldn’t hear you ironing out kinks.  Instead, you can quietly send a chat to your team in the office for help whenever needed.
  2. GPS locations. Clients aren’t going to come to you in this industry.  To help make sure the logistics are in order, you can use the GPS tools that CRM Software offers.  You will be able to see your location, your client’s location, and any other saved facility.
  3. Invoice Automation. A personal concierge is most likely going to be busy.  Perhaps he will busy meeting the needs of demanding clients to spend a lot of time making invoices.  CRM Software makes invoices quickly using a template.  This gets the invoice to the right person, quickly.
  4. Payment Integration. When it is time to collect payment, the software can be very helpful in sending a receipt and updating your accounting software (thanks to software integration).
  5. You cannot afford to get one appointment wrong as a personal concierge.  You’re not only managing your own calendar but that of the client as well.  This means you need to keep that calendar up to date at all costs!  It’s easier when you use CRM Software to keep organized.
  6. Easy to learn. You probably don’t have a lot of extra time to learn new software.  If you go with a reliable CRM Software firm, you will find software that is easy to learn.  Ask about customer support and video tutorials.

For today’s concierge, CRM Software can transform your daily routine.  To learn more about Personal Concierge CRM Software, contact CRM RUNNER today.