In the world of roofing and siding, contractors use CRM Software for Roofing and Siding to stay ahead of the competition.

Who puts a roof over your head?  That’s a question that is often asked in stressful situations; answers vary.  For example, a parent might ask their child this question in a heated debate.  The reminder is that Mom and Dad make the rules.  That question of control and power goes further when spouses ask this of each other.  If one person earns the majority of the income, sometimes the money dynamics can upset a relationship.  That’s complicated.

Well, the next time somebody asks you “who puts a roof over your head,” you can have this sassy retort ready to go:  A roofing and siding contractor!

And really, you’re not being snide.  It is a valid answer.  And that, my friend, is why we love our roofing and siding dealers.  They keep us safe, cozy, and comfortable in our homes – and honestly, no strings attached (so long as your invoice is paid!).

The market for this industry is competitive, though. After years of experience in sales and/or installing roofs or siding, who wouldn’t want to cut out the middle man and be their own boss?  You have the skills, you have the equipment, you have the knowhow, you have the confidence… to some, it just makes sense.

If you have taken that leap, recently or years ago, then you may be a roofing or siding contractor looking for CRM Software.  If you’re not, you should be.  It will help you stay ahead in the competitive market.

Here’s what we mean:

  • CRM Software for Roofing and Siding does a lot to help streamline operations in a business.
  • Leads are readily collected from an internet landing page, imported to the CRM Software, and filtered through a sales funnel so that the sales team can get right to selling. That’s what they do best after all!  But why not help them make more sales faster?  That’s win-win!
  • Install VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to make one-click dialing an option. Client notes can be kept.  It is easy to send to out an estimate via email as soon as the customer shows interest.
  • Speaking of estimates, you can use the CRM Software application to generate estimates without the fuss. Just a few clicks, and your PDF is ready to go.  Your logo.  Your address.  Just the way you prefer it.
  • All you hear people talk about today is marketing and branding. Most people who go into roofing and siding are not in it for the marketing and branding efforts.  Automate it with professional documents and reports that look consistent and professional.  Those are the values people desire most in a contractor as it is!
  • GPS tools are an option. You can make sure your team knows where they are going.  A street view tool even gives a sneak peek as to the condition of the property (so long as the technology is up-to-date on the satellite provider side).

Man is who he is because of his ability to build a home.  Roofers and contractors are a special profession who require CRM Software to stay ahead.  For a FREE trial, contact CRM RUNNER.