In the world of commercial and residential spa and pool construction, one topic keeps bubbling up to the surface:  CRM Software for commercial and residential spa and pool construction and contractors.

Your own pool.  Your own spa!  What a treat!  After a long stressful day, who wouldn’t love to kick back, relax, and have a little spa time all to themselves.  Or how about a dip in the pool for a little sunshine?  A moonlight jaunt around the watering hole in the privacy of your own backyard?  Sign us up!  Anything for a little selfcare action.

All of this and more is possible if you have your own pool or spa.  Or if you work at one and get the keys!  All jokes aside, at a time when more and more people feel the need to build up their homes so that they can spend more time there, they are looking into install swimming pools, watering holes, hot tubs, spas, jacuzzies and the like.  How are they finding the companies and contractors required for the job?

They probably enter a search engine on the internet and type in something like “commercial and residential spa and pool construction and contractors.”  Here’s what happens:

  1. The person sitting in their house or business decides they want or need a pool or spa.
  2. The person figures out that they can’t do the work themselves. They need an expert.
  3. The search for the expert begins. They need a guide – someone they can really trust.
  4. If they don’t already know somebody, or know who to ask, they’re might pull out a phone book and start thumbing through the alphabet. A…B…C…N…O…P, panda conservatory, plants and nurseries, pool and spa construction services, ah ha! Or, if the person is of the contemporary internet-obsessed era like most of us, then you know they are heading to the internet for a fast answer.
  5. They pound the keys. Pool and spa contractor near me.
  6. They see a whole list of names. They look for one that sounds good.  Maybe there are good reviews.  Clickity click and…
  7. Landing page! The page says there is more information ahead if you give your phone number or email address.  A sales member will be in touch shortly.

If you played your cards right, the business they choose on the internet is your pool and spa company.  If you really know how to do business, your commercial and residential spa and pool construction and contractors CRM Software is going to filter the lead contact information into the database so it can be fed into the sales funnel so that the deal can be closed.  Then, it’s time to get to work.  Before the customer knows it, he has gone from surfing the web to swimming in his brand-new pool, and it’s all thanks to you!

CRM Software does this for you.  It automates lead generation and many other business operations.  That’s why so many pool and spa installation experts are diving into CRM Software.