There is no business that is as exciting as being as a local tour guide.  It is definitely a kind of modern-day gold rush.  People love the flexibility and the cool-factor involved in being a local tour guide.  Not everybody can hack it, though.  There are certain qualities that a local tour guide needs to be successful.

Being personable or knowing an area very well doesn’t mean you will be successful as a tour guide.  It certainly helps, but when it comes to local tours, a successful guide’s most important characteristic is being organized.  There are plenty of companies out there that don’t really pay attention to the tour experience – they just want customers.  In today’s experience-loving world, the market often demands a body to fill the role in many cases.  Success in the industry doesn’t just happen because of a great guide; it happens because of great marketing, too.

To excel in this competitive industry, local tour guides need Local Tour Guide CRM Software. This kind of software offers three hidden gems for marketing.

Customer Management.  The market for local tour guides is ever-changing.  However, a lot of the people responsible for contracting a tour guide are irresponsible.  They reach out once for a quotation or to get a proposal, and then you never hear from them again.  Stay in contact with these people by organizing the communication you have with them.  The first step to this is obtaining Local Tour Guide CRM Software.  As you make relationships, you can add the client contact information to your database.  Then, when it is time to check in again, you can quickly access the information in your system.

Landing Pages.  A landing page on the internet streamlines the process of locating new customers.  This helpful tool works 24 hours a day.  When a traveler is interested in obtaining more information about your tours, he enters his information onto a landing page.  Voila! That information transports itself into your CRM database for fast follow up.

Sales Funnel Tool. Another marketing and sales tool that CRM Software for Tour Guides offers is the sales funnel tool.  This sale funnels tool organizes potential clients as they become closer to booking a tour.  For firms with a sales team, this tool is especially useful.  Contact can be assigned to the best team member.  All documentation is updated in real time, all within the system.  No more missing out on clients because of poor communication.

When it comes to local tours, as many in the field know, keeping customers engaged is very important. Local Tour Guide CRM Software can assist in organizing the business end so that the customer relationship is never strained.  As new parties are entered into the database, the business grows.

To learn more about the success of Local Tour Guide CRM Software, contact the team at CRM RUNNER today.  We are here to help this growing industry by offering free CRM Software Trials!