Life coaches know how to make people think about their lives in a productive way.  According to, “The coaching process addresses specific personal projects, business successes, general conditions and transitions in the client’s personal life, relationships or profession by examining what is going on right now, discovering what your obstacles or challenges might be, and choosing a course of action to make your life be what you want it to be.”  In other words, a life coach helps clients make a vision of how their lives should be and then keeps on them accountable for making the vision happen.

From creating a life purpose and defining a personal mission to implementing goals and thinking outside of the box, life coaches advise clients as how to improve their actions on an everyday business.  Life coaches can specialize in a variety of areas and domains such as: confidence; self-worth and self-esteem; relationships; career changes; work-life balance; self-care, finding a purpose; anger management; managing stress or grief; identity; personal branding; recreation and art; accountability; and health.

CRM Software for Life Coaches helps coaches maintain a list of clients interested in their services.  Those who are in need of a life coach will often find it most difficult to take the first step.  They know thy want to change, but clients still may not be sure as to when, where, or how to do so.  It is common for somebody interested in life coaching to visit a landing page, which is easy to design with CRM Software, and input their contact information without a serious commitment to take the next step beyond that.  Instead, they wonder on through life without the guidance they need to accomplish their goals.  The life coach goes, sadly, without a client to help when this happens.

Coaches can use CRM software for life coaches to attract more clients and stay in touch with the ones they have.  For example, whenever a client inserts his information into an interest form on the website, the database can automatically import that information for easy follow-up by email, phone, or even SMS (text) messaging.  This can send a signal to the interested party that the life coach is eager and ready to assist when the client is ready to take that difficult first step.  Some life coaches offer free or very low-cost consultation; using CRM software for life coaches means that there is easy communication once a client has interest and that staying in contact after the initial consultation can be facilitated with a few simple clicks.

Invoicing is another challenge for life coaches.  While focused on helping individuals succeed in their personal matters, making time for book keeping and sending invoices can become challenging.  CRM Software allows life coaches to set up various pricing plans and payment schedules.  These fees can be applied directly a customer to create an invoice quickly.  Invoices and contracts can be sent directly from the database to the client, allowing for electronic signature along the way.  Invoices can be paid in person, online, or using a mobile phone – where an internet browser is available.  The transactions are logged within the system, closing the invoice.  Then, the information is available in easy-to-print reports and in QuickBooks or other financial software thanks to software integration.

Life coaches know how to set goals and stay organized.  If they are finding it difficult to stay as organized in their business practices, CRM Runner can help.  Learn more today by clicking here.