If you think your website would attract visitors and convert them into buyer personas, be ready to see yourself as a wrong marketing strategist.

What is a landing page?

Landing pages are goal-based web pages, designed to provide your audience with information about a specific topic or product, where they would ‘land’ first while visiting your website. And you must know that the first impression is the last impression. So, you have to have landing pages that should be able to target a specific audience, offer them something of value, and convert a higher percentage of your visitors into leads.

Marketing automation with a CRM Software and that of the landing pages are the two most effective powerful tools in  your digital marketing toolbox. The ‘duo in tandem’ offers huge benefits to any marketing strategy on their own, simplifying the lead generation and lead nurturing processes.

What is landing page automation?

Landing page automation is the process of setting up a landing page to encourage your visitors perform your targeted actions like filling out ‘form’ and automatically send them to your CRM, email marketing automation platform, or both.

With landing page automation, you will save your team from doing the following manual tasks.

  • Managing and identifying better qualified leads
  • Automating lead details updates with CRM contacts
  • Collecting contacts and doing data entry tasks
  • Automating triggers (sending out scheduled onboarding emails)
  • Delivering landing page offers
  • Forwarding contacts to your sales team
  • Segmenting contacts or adding contact names

More conversions usually lead to more customers, thereby enhancing sales and revenue.

How CRM Runner can help you with your landing pages?

CRMrunner, an all-out customer relationship management system, is designed to maintain insight into your prospects and customers, enabling you to create landing pages that automatically deliver the content your viewers want most. It facilitates better and more effective lead engagement, leading to increased lead generation and conversion.

The Bottom-Line

Landing page automation brings together two powerful digital marketing tools – you can combine lead generation process and email marketing process.

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